Your $300 – $1,200 Economic Stimulus Payment Cost $767 Million


GAO-08-620T Testimony:

IRS estimated that the costs of implementing the economic stimulus legislation may be up to a total of $767 million—including a $202 million supplemental appropriation. In addition to the supplemental appropriation, IRS is reallocating hundreds of collections staff to answering taxpayer telephone calls, resulting in up to $565 million in foregone enforcement revenue. In addition, IRS expects some deterioration in telephone service because of the increased call volume. For example, IRS is expecting its assistor level of service to drop to as low as 74 percent compared to its goal of 82 percent.

Just thought you would like to know.

Spend it wisely. But, beware of the thousands of Rebate Scams … the IRS never emails directly to Taxpayers. There is no advance and no middleman you have to pay. Just make sure IRS has your correct address.

E-mail Scams and Bogus IRS Web Sites


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