Pennsylvania Women Moving Away From Clinton

It was only a matter of time before women started to see that Hillary Clinton is playing the same old game of slash and burn politics. In Pennsylvania, women have become tired of Clinton’s behavior, lies and poor campaign management. For woman, crashing through the highest glass ceiling has been of paramount importance, unfortunately they realize Hillary Clinton is not who they want through first.

A perfect example of Clinton’s same old politics is her campaigns response to the recent shift; “it’s Obama’s fault.” Interesting statement, which translates as Clinton is not will to take ownership of her campaign but instead, chooses to point fingers at Obama for her failure. The Clinton campaigns plan to reverse the erosion is by emphasizing Hillary’s experience. I find that strategy amazing since Hillary’s lack of experience has been exposed by her first lady papers and continual lies about her political experience.

A Quinnipiac University survey taken April 3-6 in Pennsylvania found that Clinton’s support fell 6 percentage points in a week among white women. Nationally, a Lifetime Networks poll of women found that 26 percent said they liked Clinton less now than in January, while only 15 percent said they liked her more.

“These are Democratic women who waited all their lives for a woman president, but Hillary is not turning them on,” said polling analyst Clay Richards.

The Clinton campaign is aware of the danger, and last week it began dispatching friends of Clinton from New York, Washington and elsewhere to key Pennsylvania communities to have “living room chats” with women.

“We thought this might happen,” senior Clinton adviser Ann Lewis said of the erosion. A key reason, she said, is rival Barack Obama’s ad barrage, notably his gentle but persistent reminders to TV viewers that he’s well-equipped to heal the ailing economy.

“I can’t overcome the media barrage, so we need to go back to talking to people about their personal concerns,” said Lewis, “and emphasizing her experience.

The most familiar echo among many Pennsylvania women when they discuss Clinton, however, is disappointment. Ask them when they became disillusioned with the woman who would be president, and they can cite almost the exact moment.

  • For Clare Howard, a meditation teacher from Southhampton, it was the night in January when Bill Clinton suggested that Obama did well in the South Carolina primary because of his race. That went too far, said Howard, 60. “It was like they would do anything to win,” she said.
  • Joan Schmidt, 60, a school psychologist in Levittown, grew tired of hearing Clinton tout — and exaggerate — her experience.
  • Jane Dovel, 68, an artist in Doylestown, turned away from Clinton after hearing the New York senator’s reaction to Obama’s comments that Ronald Reagan had been a “transformative political figure.”

Clinton fired back that Republicans hadn’t had better ideas. “I don’t think it’s a better idea to privatize Social Security,” she said. “I don’t think it’s a better idea to eliminate the minimum wage.”

That’s not what Obama had said, recalled Dovel. “What Clinton said was a blatant lie,” she said. “From that moment on, she was history. She was not to be trusted.”

  • “If elected, I’m sure she’ll do a good job,” said Michele Scarborough, a Quakertown borough councilwoman. “But I just don’t feel she’s one of us.”

With two weeks to go, Sen. Barack Obama is knocking on the door of a major political upset in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Obama is not only building on his own constituencies, but is taking away voters in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s strongest areas – whites including white women, voters in the key swing Philadelphia suburbs and those who say the economy is the most important issue in the campaign,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“The Pennsylvania primary is like a game of horseshoes: Sen. Obama needs only to come close to be considered the winner – taking away, perhaps fatally, Sen. Clinton’s argument she is the candidate best able to defeat Sen. John McCain in critical swing states like Pennsylvania.

  • Obama leads 55 – 37 percent among Philadelphia voters and 53 – 42 percent in the Philadelphia suburbs, widening a 49 – 44 percent April 2 lead in this critical area.

Complete Quinnipiac University Poll

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    —NOBODY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS TALKED ABOUT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AND WON’T BECAUSE THEY ARE IN BED WITH THE DEMOCRATS. But, you know, truth always eventually wins out; unfortunately, in this case, America will be the victim of that!

    Far-Left Democrats, Headed By The Obama Administration, Are Gutting America

    Americans wondering why this once great nation is in its worst condition ever got their answer in the four national debates when they heard two ignorant, arrogant far-left puppets in Barack Obama and Joe Biden exhibiting head-in-the-sand thinking about the $16-trillion fiscal deficit, preaching ivory-tower socialism when major fiscal reform and comprehensive auditing are needed for all government spending, and offering head-in-the-clouds, lead-from-behind policies that are turning the “Arab Spring” into a Muslim-terrorist takeover of the Middle East.

    It was more of the same far-left ideological moonshine that Americans have been hearing from the Obama-Biden administration and other far-left leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Democrat head of the House, and Harry Reid, Democrat head of the Senate, for the last four years.

    Far-left Democrats, headed by Obama, are gutting America:

    A. Far-left Democrats with their sub-prime home lending policies to chiefly aid minorities and illegal immigrants created the Great Recession of the 2000s that still has America’s economy in a tailspin.

    B. With the Obama-Biden administration’s excessive government spending, government hiring, and central planning—bailouts for businesses like GM bankrupted by lavish union contracts, extravagant government stimulus programs to help mainly far-left special-interest groups like minorities and illegal immigrants, and funding far-left causes like unproven green-energy businesses and utopian luxuries like long-distance, high-speed rail—the far left have added another five trillion dollars to the fiscal deficit over the last four years and meanwhile done nothing to solve the structural causes of the economic collapse. Thus, the five-year economic recession continues full bore, causing private-sector job creation, business startups, and well-paying jobs to dramatically decline.

    C. Far-left Democrats are bankrupting state and local governments across America by giving outrageously unwarranted pay and pensions to one of their favorite special-interest groups—public unions.

    D. Far-left Democrats with their support of illegal immigration, backdoor amnesty, and Spanish as a national language are radically changing America—dividing the nation culturally, socially, and linguistically and bankrupting school districts, city governments, county governments, state governments, and the federal government with the abyss of illegal immigration.

    E. Far-left Democrats with their stone-age EPA policies and their refusal to drill in America “where the oil is” have made the United States even more dependent on oil from foreign countries, thus allowing oil and gas prices to rise to all-time record levels for extended lengths of time.

    Because everything tried or not tried by the Obama administration in the last four years has the U.S. economy in such a perilous state, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, to keep the economy afloat, has been forced to do something no Federal Reserve chairman has ever done—authorize the Fed to buy, to infinity if needed, large quantities of mortgage bonds ($40 billion every month) and potentially other assets, until the job market improves. Bernanke is doing this even though it could cause catastrophic runaway inflation. The Fed is caught in a Catch-22, and Bernanke, in announcing this QE3 in September, said he had to try something because the structural problems that caused the economic collapse—problems the Fed with its powers has no way of solving—have not been addressed by those who have the authority to solve them.

    Four more years of the Obama-Biden administration’s far-left policies and the United States will be in economic and social ruin.

    —Arnold Raimondi

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    Please qualify your statement and point to which documented statement is not true. Or, are you questioning the Quinnipiac University Pennsylvania poll.

  • j. lincoln

    Nothing here is the truth

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