Obama Condemns Rev. Wright

Today, in Winston Salem, N.C., Obama formally divorced himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In a press conference Obama divorced himself of Wright and denounced statements made by Wright at the National Press Club.

On Monday Obama stated that Wright’s comments were just rants, however, after Obama saw the video he was outraged.

Hopefully […]

Hillary Will Testify In Fraud Case Against Bill Clinton

Stunning while the media is obsessed with Rev. Wright, Hillary Clinton will be called to testify in a civil fraud case against Bill Clinton. It appears that Bill is being accused of defrauding a dot com millionaire for Hillary’s 2000 Senate race. To me this is of paramount importance and once again the […]

Iran, Pakistan, India and Israel – New Alliances

Animosity has been fueled by western manipulation for decades. Now that the area can stand on it’s own, they must be given a chance to walk in their own direction, nurture their own economies and deal with their own populations. If democracy is the goal, let it evolve on its own. […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up April 27

It’s Monday, and that means it is time for another edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance weekly blog round-up. This week’s round-up was compiled by Vince from Capitol Annex based on submissions from Alliance-member bloggers.

North Texas Liberal analyzed the arguments from Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Flower Mound, and Newt Gingrich in favor of […]

America, Land Of Christians Or Else …

Atheist soldier claims harassment Army Spc. Jeremy Hall sues U.S. for religious discrimination Hall is known as “the atheist guy,” called immoral and a devil worshipper He turned to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation for help “It’s just about time somebody said something” about pressure to believe in God

It eventually came […]

Election Cartoons

Planet of Cannibals – State of the World Op-Ed



After watching the PBS/National Geographic Documentary: Strange Days on Planet Earth

I tried to remember what kind of educational preparation I received ages ago. I was taught to memorize boring charts about how US Government was arranged. Whitewashed snippets about American History and how […]

Not Recession, Just A Slowdown, Oil Still Pricey … No Connection, Mr. Bush?

Bush: economy not in recession, in slowdown

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – President George W. Bush on Tuesday said the U.S. economy was not in a recession but was experiencing a slowdown.

“We’re not in a recession, we’re in a slowdown,” Bush said at a news conference at the end of a […]

VA Caught In Suicide Coverup

(The Intelligence Daily) — Top officials at the Veterans Administration tried to conceal information from the public about the sudden increase of attempted suicides among veterans that were treated or sought help at VA hospitals around the country, a previously undisclosed internal VA email indicates.

The email was disclosed Tuesday in a federal […]

Clinton New Ad; Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

Haven’t we had enough of the fear mongering from Bush and the GOP. Not only do we have to listen to this crap from McCain but now Hillary Clinton thinks it’s a good idea to go down the republican road of BS.

Clinton’s new ad throws the stock market crash, Pearl Harbor, JFK […]