Hillary Clinton Campaign: Financial Deadbeats

I find it very difficult to understand how Hillary Clinton can not manage the financial matters of her campaign will be able to manage the huge financial mess facing America. How can Clinton go around the country telling small business owners that she understand their problems. Since Iowa, Clinton has stiffed small business […]

Alphonso Jackson’s Resignation; More Bush Corruption

Hilarious, that HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson states he is resigning for family reasons. I guess “family reasons” is the code word for Bush administration corruption. Jackson’s exact words:

“There comes a time when one must attend more diligently to personal and family matters. Now is such a time for me.”

To me […]

Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up March 31

It’s Monday and that means it is time for another Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up. The weekly round up is compiled from submissions submitted by member bloggers.

Saturday, TXsharon of Bluedaze attended the Barnett Shale Expo and the lies told by John Tinterra, Texas Railroad Commission, in front of citizens who pay his […]

Rick Perry And The Trans-Texas Corridor Equals Corruption

There seems to be a run on corrupt Texas politicians, funny it’s from the GOP side of the isle. Yes, I’m talking about Gov. Good hair, Rick Perry and his pet project the Trans Texas Corridor with his Spanish Corporation lobbyist. Texans are fighting back.

At our county convention yesterday, several of the […]

It’s Great To Be A Democrat In Texas

Yesterday was an amazing experience at the Bastrop County Convention, Senatorial District 18 (SD18) and a great to be a democrat in Texas. I was actually surprised at the organization, participation and enthusiasm. Everything was handled efficiently, all rules were followed and every single delegate knew what they were doing and what was […]

Texas County Democratic Conventions

Today is the day all Texas Democrats have been waiting for, our county convention, which is the next step in the Texas caucus process. Posting today will be limited, since I’m a delegate and BossKitty is an alternate delegate, we will be tied up at our county convention all day. If we can […]

Hillary: Another Lie…The Family And Medical Leave Act

Lies, lies and yet another lie. How many more lies can Hillary Clinton tell before the convention? Apparently a lot. Hillary has lied about her Bosnia trip, failed the commander in chief test , and lied about NAFTA. Obviously Clinton and her overpaid team, overlooked the internet with information on just about everything […]

John Negroponte Offers Rotten Carrots To Pakistan

Negroponte rejects Pakistan leaders’ idea of holding talks with tribal extremists

Karachi, Mar 28: Visiting US Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte last evening rejected a proposal by several Pakistani leaders to resolve the issue of militancy in tribal regions through dialogue. He said that it was not possible for him to […]

Bush Legacy: What Should Be The First Chapter

When it comes to power, the Bush administration has always firmly believed two things: first, the President should have more of it; and second, international institutions like the U.N. should have less of it. In that respect, the landmark ruling on U.S. treaty commitments handed down by the Supreme Court Tuesday seems […]

PTSD Collateral Damage Inevitable – Military Unprepared

Murder Trial Points to War Trauma

A Maryland murder trial is being turned into a debate on the lingering traumatic impact of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on the psyche of the Americans who served there.

Army Ranger veteran Gary Smith is on trial for murdering […]