What Now Musharraf? US Crossed Your Border …

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Map, News) – A missile from a U.S. Predator drone struck a suspected terrorist safehouse in Pakistan and killed a top al-Qaida commander believed responsible for a brazen bomb attack during a visit last year by Vice President Dick Cheney to Afghanistan, a U.S. official said Thursday.


Another Bush Lie; Pentagon Not Prepared To Respond To Attacks Within U.S.

The never ending failures and lies of George Bush after all this time, and listening to all the crap about how safe we are, turns out to be yet another lie. What a freaking shock that BushCo and the GOP would have us believe that we are safe and can protect […]

Senate Finance Committee Passed Economic Stimulus Plan

This should make Bush’s head spin. The Committee added 21 million seniors, 250,000 disabled veterans and an extra 13 weeks of unemployment. All of the committee’s Democrats voted to approve the bill. Seven of the committee’s 10 Republicans voted against it. The Senate could vote on the package as early as Thursday. Let’s […]

Obama Says Clinton Would Be a Step Back

That’s the truth. Everyone looks back to the Clinton years as the good old days, because we where not in a war and the economy was stable. America was respected around the world then, and gas was $1.75, at most. Now that was President Bill Clinton, who will not hold a cabinet position […]

John Edwards Thank You

It saddens me that John Edwards could not capture more Americans with his populist agenda however; John’s message on so many issues doesn’t have to end. I respect John and Elizabeth for raising the level of awareness and fighting for the homeless, veterans, hunger and the poor. Thank you John and Elizabeth.

John […]

Rep. Lloydd Doggett on Stimulus And Bush

You never have to wonder why I really like and support my representative in Congress.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett on the Stimulus Package



Rep. Lloyd Doggett on State of the Union Address


Texas Republicans Inspired By Bush Speech

You have to wonder if Republicans in Congress heard the same State of the Union speech as the rest of us did. Bush’s remix speech of past addresses seemed to please the republicans. They felt inspired, sentimental and happy that Bush proved that he was still commander in chief.

I particularly like the […]

Blackwater Goes After North Carolina Democratic Challenger

Blackwater is aggressively attacking Marshall Adame, Democratic challenger to “Mr. Freedom Fries,” seven-term Republican incumbent Walter B. Jones. Blackwater Worldwide’s 7,000-acre corporate headquarters and training facility sits in North Carolina’s 3rd District, which Adame is trying to win.

Adame, a former State Department official in Iraq, was protected by Blackwater thugs. He has […]

Lobbyists;The Sharks Circle The Stimulus Package

It didn’t take long for lobbyist to smell their next meal. Pushing for their clients needs seems to be of greater importance than pushing for the needs of Americans, especially the middle class. Lobbyists see this as an opportunity for their corporate clients to get more tax breaks, rollbacks and special treatment.

Most […]

Calling Bullshit : The Statesman loves ‘GOTCHA!’ reporting

H/T to McBlogger

Here’s a fun story… during a recent Ed Board meeting at the Statesman, the Board spent a large part of the meeting talking not about what the candidate would do if elected to the office for which they were running. No, they talked only about the candidate’s personal life. […]