House Passes Chrisitan Resolution

It’s shocking to me that with all the problems that face our country both domestic and international; our fine member of Congress can manage to squander their time on ridiculous legislation. Republicans who continue to screw up Congress have introduced H.Res 847: Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith. This waste of time was introduced Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Dec. 6, 2007 and was actually sent to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. What’s even more shocking is today, this damn resolution Passed 372-9, 50 not voting.

I kid you not the GOP and Christians feel so threatened that they now need a resolution to tell everyone just how important they are. Besides the resolution being a complete waste of time it actually tells everyone how important Christians are to the founding of our country and to the world. Not to mention the bigotry towards other religions.

It’s time that we send a very clear signal to Congress that in November 2008 is around the corner and your time is up.

H. RES. 847: RESOLUTION – Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith.

Whereas Christmas, a holiday of great significance to Americans and many other cultures and nationalities, is celebrated annually by Christians throughout the United States and the world;

  • Whereas there are approximately 225,000,000 Christians in the United States, making Christianity the religion of over three-fourths of the American population;
  • Whereas there are approximately 2,000,000,000 Christians throughout the world, making Christianity the largest religion in the world and the religion of about one-third of the world population;
  • Whereas Christians identify themselves as those who believe in the salvation from sin offered to them through the sacrifice of their savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and who, out of gratitude for the gift of salvation, commit themselves to living their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Bible;
  • Whereas Christians and Christianity have contributed greatly to the development of western civilization;
  • Whereas the United States, being founded as a constitutional republic in the traditions of western civilization, finds much in its history that points observers back to its roots in Christianity;
  • Whereas on December 25 of each calendar year, American Christians observe Christmas, the holiday celebrating the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ;
  • Whereas for Christians, Christmas is celebrated as a recognition of God’s redemption, mercy, and Grace; and
  • Whereas many Christians and non-Christians throughout the United States and the rest of the world, celebrate Christmas as a time to serve others: Now, therefore be it

Resolved, That the House of Representatives–

(1) recognizes the Christian faith as one of the great religions of the world;

(2) expresses continued support for Christians in the United States and worldwide;

(3) acknowledges the international religious and historical importance of Christmas and the Christian faith;

(4) acknowledges and supports the role played by Christians and Christianity in the founding of the United States and in the formation of the western civilization;

(5) rejects bigotry and persecution directed against Christians, both in the United States and worldwide; and

(6) expresses its deepest respect to American Christians and Christians throughout the world.

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  • If we create a system in which equitable access to national resources is guaranteed regardless of any form of affiliation, then people will no longer feel the need to fall back on these affiliations either defensively or offensively and political leaders who then seek to exploit our differences for their own ends will find themselves without followers. ,

  • Hierarchical and featural organization of gestures characterize other domains of motor control, such as manual manipulation. ,

  • […] occupy much of their time. Congress seemed to find the time to pass bullshit legislation like H.Res 847: Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith or dedicating post offices. […]

  • ProudP:
    The current Supreme Court would uphold this trash. After all they are the voice of the Christian base.

  • This is FASCISM, our own ameriKan brand of it. The more people realize that the marriage between coporatists , government and the intersection with religion is a very viable definition of Fascism, perhaps we can meet the enemy. This needs to see the Supreme Court – i could not be more distressed. AS for repairs , perhaps it is our over reaching Friedmanesque empire’s time to crash and burn. I do not think WE can vote this stuff away. Like walking a badly broken leg for too long, we have a permanent limp, the leg needs to be re broken to be set right..and that is not gonna be painless by any means.

  • ProudP:
    This is a huge slap to everyone of all and no religious beliefs. It is a slap to the Constitution which this Congress does not up hold. Congress and this administration have done more damage to our country that I don’t think it will get repaired in my lifetime.

    I find it stunning that the resolution went to the floor on Dec. 6, went to committee and came out for a pass vote 5 days later. I have never seen anything move that fast.

  • well i don’t want anyone fed to the lions, i want our Constitutional rights affirmed and upheld. This bill as Becky says is provocative to those of us who frankly do not identify as Xians. Thats a lot of people. Its the spirit of this crazy assed unnecessary bill , that actually threatens ,frightens and discirminates our freedom to believe what we want. And to have the whole damn congress codifying ONE religion – well frankly that seems distinctly un american. And its all so darn cynical – pandering to the fundie extremists who are NOT even red letter christians, if you will, but bible thumping nitwits. who actually preach hate..don’t forget by their assesment if you are not “saved” that eye of the needle is beyond you – again this bill is not innocent , its an assualt on the freedom of religion. And i have nothing NOTHING against true Xians anymore than i have anything against any other religion AS LONG as they do not proseltize. This bill is one giant , knock on the door of all americans, by a jehovah witness is one analogy.

    Its hard not to feel resentful of those who feel they are the “followers of christ” Man or God his teachings were not about forcing stuff down people’s throat. Becky i must have missed Heathen registration day too ! WE need more diversity and privacy not less, and religion , spirituality is a private matter. WE are supposed to free to seek our own spiritual communities. NOT homoginize a nation. Just when you think it cannot get worse , it does. – our good Xian nation, is still actively robbing the poor in New Orleans, trying to destroy perfectly good public housing, over 900,000 still in FEMA trailors. So that capitalists can plunder further…..hmmm who woud Jesus plunder ? make homeless, What would Jesus pollute , and destroy, Oh these Greedy people are the MOST un Xian of all. And i do believe the big J had something to say about the Rich and the Hypocrits. …..

    I am surprized really that this bill is even Constitutional.

  • Becky:
    I think the number is crap and the Christian list is most likley some secret society.

    Congress has just managed to insult all non Christians and all thinking people of this country, which would exclude the 225 of 300. We need a serious revolt against Christians in our politics.

    Pelosi actually let this crap go through while she tables the impeachment of this country biggest criminals Bush & Cheney.

  • ProudP:
    Christians in this country are out of control. We have ion in 1930’s Germany for the last 7 years. Their bigotry goes beyond explanation. They are an insult to humanity and people of all religion. Oh excuse me Christianity is the only religion. What was I thinking!!!

    I am now in full agreement with the Roman Empire that they (Christians) all need to be fed to the lions.

  • I agree with proudprogressive. I really don’t believe that 225 out of the 300 million people in this country are xians. How in the hell did they come up with this number? Do all non-xians have to put their name on some official list? Did I miss heathen-registration day? I have a feeling that some census counter out their is assuming I’m a christian because I haven’t been spotted entering a mosque or synagogue. Geez, it is rare that I feel this discriminated against as an atheist, but for our own congress to pass a resolution supporting the importance of a christian holiday is scary and insulting to say the least.

  • Are we living in Germany in the 30’s ? Someone remind me ,what country am i living in, what does our constitution say about the seperation of church and state ? I have a deep resentment and also a fear about this bill – this is how it starts – ethnic cleansing. My gut , my DNA is telling me be afraid. This is a serious breech. A slap in the face to diversity and excuse me – i DO NOT believe the numbers regarding Xians. I just don’t. And the religious language in the bill also defies many theologians – Really this is not laughing matter. Have these people lost their minds ? We need to look at who voted for this and they need to be challenged and voted out ASAP. This lays a ground work for discrimination and new crusades and inquisitions – a new way to declare someone “unamerican” I FEEL DANGER !!!

  • good freakin grief – these people are clinically insane. Shocking , rediculous. yeah it sure is, Sounds like it should be a Saturday Night live skit – or a really bad dream –
    And given the state of things and other pressing issues as you mention, I call them criminals. They are clowns as well , what a ludicris waste of time.
    the people of this country languish under their mericiless, slashing of social services and funding for the real needs of the working poor, the people of this country – our schools, hospitals, health care..and on and on. Not to mention we are still in Iraq with no end in sight, torturing, under funding vet care..and a 100 other issues – Habeas Corpus, all kinds of stuff and they actually pull this stunt.

    Oh this just makes my blood boil – its beyond stupid. And dammit I want a bill on the IMPORTANCE of Athiests , Pagans, Hindus , Muslims Rastafarians, Jews, Wiccans, and the Church of the Flying spagetti monster. –

    What a feckless greedy corrupt bunch – and they dare call themselves the world’s greatest diliberate body ?! ( in whose world)
    I am furious.

  • WhosPlayin:
    Thanks for the link.

    Besides being a protest vote I’m sure many in Congress didn’t know what Ramadan is to vote on it. They are truly worthless!

  • Becky:
    Shocking they can find time to vote on this crap but they can’t find time to vote on Iraq, domestic issues.

    I’m sure they will find time to give themselves another raise.

  • I was just hearing on NPR this morning how Congress had so many things to do before heading off for the holiday break. You know, I was thinking they needed to iron out the latest Iraq budget fiasco or things of that nature. I had no idea that something as important as THIS was on the books. Thank god they made time for it! Thank you for bringing such ground-breaking and pertinent legislation to our attention!

  • And yet many of these same legislators refuse to recognize the holidays of other religions:

    I’d really appreciate it if Congress would spend its time on substantive legislation and not this kind of masturbatory and meaningless resolution.

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