Chiquita Banana funds terror according to lawsuit

Colombian families’ suit says Chiquita liable for torture, murder

NEW YORK (CNN) — A $7.86 billion lawsuit was filed Wednesday in New York on behalf of nearly 400 Colombian families who say Chiquita Brands International should be held responsible for the “torture and murder” of their loved ones.


With a map of alleged victims, Jonathan Reiter makes his case Wednesday at a New York news conference.

Attorney Jonathan Reiter said his clients are seeking “damages for terrorism, war crimes … and wrongful death.”

The plaintiffs are asking for $10 million in compensatory damages and $10 million in punitive damages for each of the 393 victims named in the suit.

Earlier this year, Chiquita, as part of a plea agreement, admitted that what it called protection payments had been given to Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, or AUC. AUC was named a terrorist organization by the United States in 2002, making it a crime to give them money.

The lawsuit alleges Chiquita’s interaction with the paramilitary group went further than the payments — it accuses the company of facilitating shipments of arms to the group.

This company has it’s history of scandals and has ‘homeboy’ ties to George Bush …

Chiquita’s vice president of corporate affairs, Joe Hagin, worked as the deputy campaign manager for George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential race. He took a leave of absence from his regular position at Chiquita to work closely with Bush on the campaign trail.

— Cincinnati Enquirer, 05/10/2000

Human Rights

In March 2007, Chiquita Brands pled guilty to doing business with a terrorist organization, and agreed to pay a $25 million fine. The guilty plea ended a lenthy US Justice Department investigation into Chiquita’s payments to Columbian groups listed as terrorist organizations by the US government. US statutes make it a crime to knowingly support such groups, but prosecuters said several unnamed high-ranking Chiquita officers agreed to pay about $1.7 million between 1997 and 2004 to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, known as AUC for its Spanish initials, in exchange for protection of its banana fields. According to US officials, the AUC has been involved in the killing of thousands of rural Colombians for suspected links to Marxist rebels, in addition to torture, kidnappings, rape, beatings, extortion and drug trafficking. Chiquita’s sentencing is scheduled for June 2007.

— MSNBC, 03/19/2007
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No surprises here. It has become a moot point that King George has his hands, and whatever your imagination can provide, in the pockets of his corporate providers … advisers. So, connecting the dots, it is no wonder that King George is doing the bidding of his evildoing partners. King George IS THE EVILDOER. My grandpa always said, “smeller the feller”. The one who hollers loudest is the guiltiest. What has George hollered loudest about? “They hate our freedom”. Well, well, well, is that he has taken our freedoms away? How come his corporate buddies historically get off ‘scot free’? Our first clue should have been when ENRON took the hit for George after they funded him into office, by screwing their own employees and investors.

Enjoy the cool website: FreakingNews that has a Photo Shop contest linking Chiquita Bananas and Terrorists.

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  • celine111333

    Is anybody aware of either ITT or AT&T’s, I’m not sure which right now, involvement in the assassination of Salvador Allende.

  • ProudP:
    Trying to enlighten eliXelx, is an effort without a positive outcome. His/her statements make it abundantly clear that there is no room in their world for human decency, dignity or justice.

  • eliXelx:
    While your comments are welcome and appreciated, you have brought nothing of intellectual value to the conversation. And, to be very clear on you 1997 comment that was with Dole and it is still an ongoing investigation. Currently this post is about Chiquita. So correct facts are very important.

    Regarding Bush’s involvement those statements and allegation are well documented. If you read the links you would have known that. Instead you chose to take the Chiquita story and spin it. You chose to degrade the tragedy of the the farmers and dismiss reprehensible behavior of the companies.

    Your statement:
    The lawyer must be an intern in some two-bit “proud-progressive” NYC back-alley law firm! How embarrassing!

    Again you have no basis for your ill informed statement. The attorney who is handling this case graduated with his law degree in 1976, far from an intern. Yes his office is on Fifth Avenue in NYC. So you got the NYC correct.

    While this blog may not be to your liking, I’m sure that there are many blogs that offer what you are interested in. This blog does not protect politicians in either party nor do we protect corporations or governments that participates in any human rights violation. So if you are looking for a blog that lives by “go along to get along” your at the wrong place.

  • hey eli – believe me i am equally disgusted with what happened under the Neo liberal Clintons. I am sorry if my wtiting standards are not up to yours. And yes i am found of this blog. The writers bring up issues we might otherwise miss, and i appreciate that. They also encourage civil desent and dialog. yes i like that a lot. What is disheartening is to think that the human element in all of this – seems to escape you ? Imagine having one of your family members dissapeared , imagine knowing for yrs the usa CIA has been using your country for purposes less then wholesome. I may not be a genius but i do have a heart , a voice and fair amount of compassion for my fellow human beings. Bush may not be personally responsible for this , but the Neo cons certainly haven’t done much to stop the “ills” of free trade. So hope you feel better for mocking me, but it does not address the issues, and wrongs. And i fully agree , all the blame cannot be placed on the republicans by any means. Its called being clear eyed.

    As for my handle – i took it up yrs ago , in response to the Rovian tactics , joe Macarthyism redux of making “liberal” a dirty word..or implying that liberals or democrats do not love their country. Sooo laugh all you want ! It only makes you seem extremely cold hearted.

  • eliXelx

    HHaaa! HHaaa! HHaaa!
    One more disgrace that President Bush is personally responsible for???? Despite the fact that the “torture and assassination” started in 1997???
    Chiquita has been doing business in Colombia for donkey’s years, and have been the bad guys for donkey’s years, and now this case has suddenly got the ears of the donkeys who read this blog! The lawyer must be an intern in some two-bit “proud-progressive” NYC back-alley law firm! How embarrassing!
    Especially embarrassing for this blog must be the quality of its posters, particularly the “riviting” (sic) “proud progressive”(sic) who has an “X”(sic) in Bogata (sic) in Columbia (sic) and listens to the Carmen Maranda (sic) ad for Chatata (sic) bananas! This is one sic puppy!
    $20 million for each “victim” (sic)??? HHaaa! HHaaa! HHaaa! They’ll be coming out of the woodwork by the million soon!
    I figure that the final settlement will be about $5,000 each forty years from now! That should be enough to buy a banana each which will probably be sold to them at a roadside stand “managed”(sic) by proud-regressive’s kids!

  • Who could possibly wonder at why other countries are NOT eager to do business with U.S. Transnational companies. Horrific, and goddess only knows how many transnational have the CIA deeply embedded within them. Human Rights violations, slave labor and wages, no rising boats, selling peasants their own rain water, polluting entire populations land and water supply – JUST DISPICABLE. And yeah the endless ARMS DEALING. This is big story and i hope it opens many people’s eyes.

    Geeze that jingle for Chitata Bananas you know the Carman Maranda take off – happy happy here, while hell was/is being visited on the Columbians.

    I had an X who lived there for 12 yrs. It was hair raising and she was in the “upper class” there, due to an affluent mate, she herself was a photo journalist in Bogata and there was no real safety. some of her stories are truly riviting. ..but i digress. The whole usa relationship with Columbia is very suspect in many areas. Her family was glad she did finally get out of there. An old activist she had originally gone down south to help with the breast feeding campaign and against Nestle sellling formula to the poor ( i am dating myself)

    Free Trade – the biggest rip off of all and way to much room for corporate crime, gun running, and poisons

    – May the flat worlders have as many bad dreams as the poor victims in Columbia and elsewhere where the usa transnationals have their bullying , greedy feet. .

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