Multi-Million Dollar Border Wall Will Slow Migrants By Four Minutes

Texan mayors threaten court to stop border fence By Robin Emmott

LAREDO, Texas (Reuters) – Texan mayors on the border with Mexico are threatening to take the U.S. government to court and are encouraging ranchers to do the same to block construction of a fence to keep out illegal immigrants.

Six mayors fear the planned fence, part ofWashington’s crackdown on illegal immigration, will hurt trade, split closely knit Mexican-Texan communities on both sides of the border and endanger wildlife.

Part of a federal plan to build 700 miles of barrier along the entire border, the fence will also cut off Texan ranchers’ access to the Rio Grande, the main source of fresh water in the region, the mayors say.

“We have to protect our property and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure there is no wall,” said Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas, a former FBI agent.

A federal judge temporarily halted construction of part of the fence this week inArizonaon environmental grounds.

Since the failure of President George W. Bush’s immigration reform plans in June,Washingtonhas been focused on boosting border security and deporting illegal immigrants. Construction of the fence has already begun inCalifornia.

Eagle Pass Mayor Chad Foster said he had received hate e-mails from Americans outsideTexaswho accuse him of being soft on security. But the mayors argue there are better ways to stop illegal immigrants and drug traffickers.

“The perception in some parts of theUnited Statesis that you build a fence and then migration stops. The reality is that it will slow down migrants by three to four minutes,” he said.

One year ago: Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev compared the United States’ proposed 700-mile wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to the Berlin Wall during a visit to Chaparral Center at Midland College, Texas. I borrow a phrase from the blog ‘The Wall’

“Tortilla Curtain” or “Iron Curtain”.

We have a long way to go to resolve why anyone wants to risk everything to come to an ungrateful country. Yes, illegal immigrants are a strain on our health system, our government provided human services. In exchange, they go to work in places most young workers perceive as undignified. Yucky jobs that even the poorest Americans would turn away from or don’t have the energy to try. These enthusiastic pioneers step right in and roll up their sleeves without complaint, mostly out of fear. After improving their language skills, they move forward into their own service businesses. They are motivated and focused on upward mobility. Strange enough, they even send support back to their families back home. They endure all the injustice America can dump on them. They pay more taxes than ordinary Americans, they are prey to crooked scams and believe the most despicable among us. They are profiled by police and set upon by bigoted youth gangs. Yes, crooks cross into this country, too. They become targets for America’s home grown crooks who resent intrusions into their turf. Illegal immigrants are the underbelly for our foundation service industries. We are only now beginning to feel the price of food left in the field. Get used to it. Get used to cleaning up your own hotel room, paying more for child and elderly care and mowing your own lawn. These immigrants leave a poor system that offers respect from their peers to a ‘rich’ system that treats them like garbage.

Oh yeah, they must be crazy. Send them back to Mexico, Guatamala, El Salvadore, Honduras. Lets start recruiting replacement workers from your family. Start now. The wages will surely improve because you are an American. Someday you will earn enough to get that iPhone.

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  • Thank you Anonymous, you are the last comment I will allow in this post. So far, everyone has made it clear that they:
    1- Have very short term memory, or fell asleep in History class.
    —— You and I are the Illegal Aliens who replaced the indigenous people who arrived 20,000+ years ago. In fact, America, as we know it, was founded by Illegal Aliens from Europe, Spain, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Orient. The original invaders came to this continent to escape some environmental disruption (like the ice age) or follow their food source. Slaves and servants were brought here by wealthier invaders who preceded them. Nothing has changed about that. Politics replaced environmental disruptions and Economics replaced food sources, but people always find a way to move to more accommodating places … before they die.
    2- Forgot the Golden Rule.
    3- Cannot put themselves in anyone else’s shoes or see both sides of a coin. There are crooks on both sides of the border who will exploit anyone’s kindness. But, the minute you start labeling immigrants as less than you, you have become psychopathic, because education is the only difference. America’s school system has been failing us for a long time..
    4- Missed the part in Church about being your brother’s keeper. I find that so called “church people” are the least accepting of all. Too many “church people” are convinced that they are more special than others and display the most selfishness, when it comes to people coming to this country.
    5- Racism is taught by unreasonable people who have low self esteem and display Psychopathic behavior … Look that up and learn something important.
    6- Last, but not least, the American Continent, just like all the other continents, belong to Mother Earth and she will do what she wants with her weather, volcanoes and earthquakes. Those events move people too.
    America’s politics has made things unbalanced when it comes to immigration. If you vote, you are responsible for electing inadequate lawmakers. Today’s lawmakers have replaced Common Sense with Money.
    What do you plan on doing about it?

  • Anonymous

    who calls them american they aren’t american those are aliens, should stop racesism because nothing they own on that continent, those are just visitor and will all have to go back to their asencentral grounds.

  • Sounds like you have a romantic issue tony.

  • tony

    fuck wetback they hurt usa llife

  • Jim

    To those of you that think these illegal immigrants are only taking the jobs that Americans refuse to do, I was working at a building under construction in East Boston yesterday. All I heard was Mexican being spoken. I recognized this language because I grew up and spent 37 years in and around Houston Tx. Anyway, these Mexicans were doing drywall, pipefitting, carpentry, and electrical work. There were also a few laborers. I’ll bet a few Americans were displaced by those guys. When I first relocated to this area,there were hardly any Mexicans here. Now they are saturating the northeast just like Texas. At least I am starting to get some good Mexican food!

  • Ozarka

    The problem with Mexican immigration is volume. We can only absorb so many very poor people before damaging our own economy, and that is in pretty bad shape already. And my family came to this country when it was a still a colony, legally.

  • American

    It is our country, our land, our rules. You must be granted permission to come to our country. Simple as that. Watch border wars on national geographic and you will realize that the MEXICANS are putting drugs and infected people her. Sorry stay on that side of the fence because we put it up to keep our country safer and keep what we don’t want OUT

  • chicana pride

    dont understand how u people could be so cruel and cold hearted hey but theres a god and watching down on all of you dumb ass racists

  • chicana pride

    bicho grande please your annoying

  • chicana pride

    ummm i believe if it wasnt for us mexicans living here um the us wont evolve as planned you people need to under stand that every one is human with a very valued life and no matter what should not be put a lower value cause for one we also have right and saying that us mexicans come over here and commit our crimes and head back well some but not all its just like the us citzens do there crimes here in tha us and head to mexico so wats your point. screw the ice and all that shit thats happening in az we are here and we aint leaving we will alwayz find a way bk 🙂

  • Sameer

    Now Obama administration is increasing the H1B, L1 visa fees tremendously to raise the funds for curbing this illegal immigration on Mexican border. By increasing these fees they are targetting Indian IT companies who send highly skilled workers to US. But this move will not satisfy the motive of raising funds for illegal immigration on Mexican border as the visa applications will reduce and the more and more work will be outsourced to India / China and other countries.

  • The Dude:

    I’m sorry to inform you that your comment has been removed from this blog.
    You have violated the “One Rule” this blog has. I will not tolerate racism on any level.

    Further, in the thousands of comments that are posted on this blog, you are the second to violate the “One Rule” and you are the second to have their comment removed. That is not a place one should aspire to.

    You are welcome to participate in a civilized manner of discussion.

  • MARK

    I am a Nigerian living in Nigerian, I really enjoyed ur all of ur epispodes, i took time to go thru the 56 comments despite the strains of my eyes, some us said meaningfully while most were just saying becos they want to say. I took much interest in syD’s comments thus: For those illegals already here, I feel amnesty should be given, but they must go through the immigration process just like everyone else.

    Thats cool and peaceful enough, either by illegal or legal, almost every one in the US came from somewhere including ur incubent president Barrack,we have read how the Native Americans in South Darkota, Colorado etc were humilated and forced to the mountain plain, i believe those Indians migrated from South American and soujourned via Mexico to the present US which they re even seen as minorities today, God has Blessed America and such blessings or hands of fellowship should be extended to the less privildge.

    But, due process should be followed entering a foreign land.

    Cheers to all.

  • El Bicho Grande

    hey you bunch of illegal cabrones, go home, no te queremos aqui hijos de puta. Vayan para alla y quemense las pestanas arreglando a su pais so cabrones, por culpa de ustedes conosi a una cabrona mejicana, que gracias a dios se le murieron los putos padres. Me les cago en todas sus madres cabrones vayanse ya, me tienen cansado

  • syD, agreed. The plight of all south American immigrants currently hinges on the corporate drug world. Just like any corporate agenda, drug cartels are only interested in the bottom line profit. They don’t concern themselves with collateral damage done to people who cannot afford to buy their products.
    Impatient Americans use the drug war as an excuse to place America’s economic plight onto the backs of immigrants, whether they are legal or not. Americans need a scape goat that cannot fight back. That’s why BP is not getting the same treatment as illegals. BP has money and can buy their innocence. BP supplies a product even more addictive than drugs. So … pick your poison!
    Displaced frustration targets not just Illegals, but Immigrants in general.
    Conclusion: Until Americans recover a semblance of control over their lives and livelihood, immigrants are too convenient a target.

  • syD

    The published article was written 3 years ago, and times have changed since then. Just today, the City Hall of Laredo, Texas was fired upon by members of Mexican Drug Cartels. Obviously, fences and walls are not working to keep the criminal element of Mexican society from spilling over our borders. Perhaps what is needed is National Guard Troops on the border to ensure the safety of American citizens.

    Personally, I welcome Mexicans into the U.S. if their purpose is to work here and try to attain the American Dream – but this needs to be done legally just as an immigrant from any other country must do. For those illegals already here, I feel amnesty should be given, but they must go through the immigration process just like everyone else.

    And no, the SouthWest is not Mexican land – it was once, but the U.S.A. won that war. The U.S.A. had all of the territory as far south as Mexico City, but returned the land back, leaving the RioGrande as the current border.

  • Anonymous


  • late

    I love the posters telling AMERICANS to make it better for MEXICANS. We have enough to take care of in our own country. You whine about our wall? Sneak into mexico and see what happens. Mexico is completely overran by drugs and crime. If you want a better life then DO IT THE LEGAL WAY. Just because I”m poor and I’m in America I can steal to give myself a better life. That’s a… crime. Sneaking into our country is a felony, so that’s the way I will look at them. FELONS.

  • marco

    mexicans will not give up crossing the border and they will not stop because they want a good job a better life to make a family here.