Bhutto Won’t Accept Musharraf ‘State of Emergency’ Stunt

Pakistan’s Bhutto Cancels Trip to Dubai Amid Rumors Musharraf Will Impose State of Emergency

KARACHI, Pakistan — Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto abruptly canceled plans to travel abroad Wednesday, saying she had heard rumors the government could impose a state of emergency during her absence.

She said at a hastily arranged […]

Weapons Industry Favors Hillary Clinton

Considering Hillary Clinton’s a hawk, it’s not surprising that Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, General Dynamics and Raytheon are donating to Clinton more than any candidate in either party. It only makes sense that the military complex sees huge page checks and more contracts if Hillary is in the White House. Obviously the weapons […]

Democrat Debate Review

Well another debate where the moderators focusing their attention on Hillary, the elephant in the room. I appeared to me that Tim Russert was so focused on Clinton that he forgot to bring enough questions for everyone else. For all the anticipation and hype about Obama being more aggressive with Clinton, he seemed […]

GOP Halloween

Blackwater Will Get An Immunity Deal

You really have to wonder who’s in charge of the asylum this week. Condi who insists she can’t get rid of Blackwater because she needs them. Condi assigns a State Department team to investigate Blackwater screw ups and low and behold the same people who work for Condi have given her pet boys […]

Kucinich: Time to question Bush’s mental health

Kucinich has voiced what many of us have said for years about the mental health or mental capacity of Bush.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) suggested today that President Bush’s comment about a nuclear Iran precipitating “World War III” is a sign of mental instability.

“I seriously believe we have to start asking questions […]

Texas November 6 General Election Round Up

This round-up of election news and endorsement posts is brought to you by the Texas Progressive Alliance in anticipation of the November 6 general election. Some of the blogs and sites included in this round-up are not member sites of the Texas Progressive Alliance, but are included in the hopes of giving voters […]

Bush DoubleSpeaks About Darfur – What Promises?

U.S. Promises on Darfur Don’t Match Actions

Bush Expresses Passion for Issue, but Policies Have Been Inconsistent

By Michael Abramowitz Washington Post Staff Writer

In April 2006, a small group of Darfur activists — including evangelical Christians, the representative of a Jewish group and a former Sudanese slave — was […]

Belarus President – Jewish Neighborhoods Are PigPens

Israel recalls ambassador to Belarus

Belarusian Presidentv Aleksander Lukashenk

Israel’s ambassador to Belarus returns home after The Belarus President calls a once predominantly-Jewish city in his country “a pigpen.”

According to DPA, Israeli Ambassador Zeev Ben- Ari returned less than a week after October 12 remarks […]

Public Campaign Financing And John Edwards

In recent weeks, John Edwards announced that he will take public money in his campaign. Pundits, self appointed experts and the MSM have stated that this move signals Edwards can not raise the funds he needs. My response to them is you are full of crap.

John Edwards who continues to stand up […]