Christian Conservatives Plan To Derail Giuliani

In yet another chapter of the Christian coalition’s never ending bullying of politics and politicians, they are threatening to put up a third party candidate if Giuliani gets the GOP nomination. The charge is being lead by none other than Dr. James Dobson who is opposed to Rudy’s position on abortion. Dodson and […]

Japanese Play Down Historical Indiscretions, Just Like We Do

By CHISAKI WATANABE, Associated Press Writer

TOKYO – More than 100,000 people protested Saturday in southern Japan against the central government’s order to modify school textbooks which say the country’s army forced civilians to commit mass suicide at the end of World War II.


Publishers of […]

Whistleblowers Beware – They’re Out To Get All of Us

State Dept. Agents Say Jobs Were Threatened Investigators in IG Office Were Told Not to Cooperate With Probe of Their Boss, House Panel Alleges By Glenn Kessler and Karen DeYoung Washington PostTwo career investigators in the office of State Department Inspector General Howard J. Krongard have charged that they were threatened with firing […]

SCHIP Pros and Cons From Texans and My Opinion

SCHIP OPINIONS from Houston Chronicle:

This country owes more than $9 trillion. In one generation we have gone from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation. … I am very sympathetic to children who do not have health insurance coverage. But I don’t believe nationalization is the answer. Our government has […]

Bush Wants To Veto Government Funding – Government Shutdown

Update: Bush chides Congress for not passing funding bills

NTEU Urges President to Swiftly Sign Continuing Resolution

Now that the Senate has joined the House in approving a continuing resolution to fund federal agencies through Nov. 16, NTEU is urging the president to swiftly sign the […]

Fred Thompson: The Clueless Candidate

It would appear the Fred Thompson is clueless of the world around him. When he’s asked about events involving the environment, social issues, the judicial system or the war, his answers “I was unaware of that.” Not only is he unaware of events but Thompson seem to make statements that are not close […]

Senate Should Condemn Rush Limbaugh “phony soldiers”

Yesterday on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh felt it necessary to call soldiers who oppose the war “phony soldiers.” The GOP, who rushed to condemn and distract from the real problems at hand need to condemn Rush Limbaugh in the same fashion.

John Cornyn the mouth piece for the White House, who […]

REMINDER: Sept 29th No Boarder Wall Brownsville Texas

Rally in Brownsville Texas on September 29th.

Everyone is invited to the Brownsville No Border Wall Pachanga in the Park on Saturday, September 29. This is the latest in a series of community rallies to oppose the building of a wall along the Texas-Mexico border sponsored by the No Border Wall coalition. […]

Romney Falling Behind In New Hampshire

It appears that Mitt Romney’s new slogan that he is a change from Washington is not exactly what the GOP wants. Polls show that Romney’s once commanding lead in New Hampshire is falling.

Mitt Romney’s lead in New Hampshire has evaporated, according to a CNN/WMUR poll released Wednesday. Among likely Republican primary voters, […]

Senate Expands Federal Hate Crimes Bill

Finally the Senate did something without having a filibuster.

The U.S. Senate has passed the expanded Federal Hate Crime Bill by a vote of 60-39. The bill expands the hate crime laws to include crimes motivated by: gender; sexual orientation; and disability.