Larry Craig’s Gift To Democrate Larry LaRocco

I am all for exposing hypocrisy no matter what the party affiliation is, but I’ve got to say that the GOP has the market cornered on this one. As the GOP runs away from Craig, they have stripped him of his committee seats. It’s time for Larry Craig to go.

With the recent events of Sen. Larry Craig and the fine GOP family values that they can’t seem to keep, is it possible for Craig to run and win in 2008? I don’t think so. If you look at Craig’s lame reason for pleading guilty, you smack your head and think man even a gang banger knows better.

What kind of judgment besides poor, does Craig have? The citizens of Idaho deserve more than lying, poor judgment and not to mention the finger pointing at the Idaho Statesman for his transgressions. But then that is the GOP style deny, lie and point the finger.

What else has Craig not been square about with his constituents? I mean the guy doesn’t even share his arrest with his wife! What else has Craig been keeping from the good people of Idaho?

For the last thirty years, Craig has held his seat and he has managed to have suspicion surround him the entire time. Well it’s time we help Idaho shed itself of Craig and help them turn Idaho blue. Craig should not feel so comfortable in his senate seat; he actually has a democratic challenger, Larry LaRocco.

Larry LaRocco is not a newcomer to Washington, he served in the 102nd Congress in 1991, and he took a seat on the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (now Natural Resources) and on the House Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs. Now Larry is ready to return and challenge the disgraceful Larry Craig. Even if Craig resigns, the GOP will not be able to recover or challenge the experience of Mr. LaRocco.

Let’s put a stop to the GOP family values. Get involved with the Idaho Democratic Party and contribute to Larry LaRocca at ActBlue.

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  • Mirth:
    I hope the nut says he’s going to run again. However, I think even if the gov. appoints a clean repug replacement it doesn’t mean they have the senate seat in 2008. Most people are pretty tired of the GOP value and hypocrisy. This is shades of 2006. Hopefully Idaho can start turning blue again.

  • I pray that Craig does not resign, which allows the Republican gov to appoint an untarnished replacement who would probably be re-elected in ’08. Better for Craig to be the candidate…and yes, we should all throw support his Dem opponent.

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