GOP Working To Undermine Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki

While Bush is busy telling the world the Maliki’s “a good man”, top GOP operatives seem to be undermining their fearless leaders work. It must really piss Bush off that two of his former foreign policy aids are in involved in this. I’m sure the democrats will get blamed for this.

Former RNC chairman and now Gov. of Mississippi Haley Barbour and his firm Barbour Griffith & Rogers are behind the strong lobbying efforts to get rid of Maliki. They have been doing an email campaign to promote their client, former interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, as an alternative to al-Maliki.

Excuse me but isn’t Allawi the guy that the Iraqis we all too happy to get rid of”? Allawi was the one who provided intelligence about alleged weapons of mass destruction that Bush so proudly touted to get us to invade Iraq. The British Defense Secretaries Document reported that “Allawi was seen as “a western stooge” who “lacked domestic credibility”

Obviously taking Allawi on as a client is all about the money the firm will get. In typical Republican fashion they will make a bad situation worse just to make a profit. They are truly the party of the war profiteers.

  • Asked earlier why Republican lobbyists would want to undercut the administration’s public statements, Johndroe said, “Maybe it’s a really good contract.”
  • The lobbying firm boasts the services of two onetime foreign policy hands of President Bush: Ambassador Robert Blackwill, the former deputy national security adviser who was Bush’s envoy to Iraq and helped form Allawi’s interim government in 2004, and Philip Zelikow, former counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
  • Ingrid Henick, a vice president for Barbour Griffith & Rogers, confirmed the firm has signed a contract to “provide strategic counsel for and on behalf of Dr. Allawi.”
  • Henick refused to comment on why such a prominent Republican firm would work to hurt al-Maliki, whom President Bush has repeatedly backed as the best hope for forging political reconciliation in Iraq.
  • The e-mails to congressional staffers came from the e-mail address
  • But the bottom of the e-mail added this note of disclosure to congressional aides: “Barbour Griffith & Rogers, LLC has filed registration statements under the Foreign Agents Registration Act with regard to its representation and dissemination of information on behalf of Dr. Ayad Allawi.”
  • One Republican congressional aide who received the e-mails this week expressed surprise that a lobbying firm with such close ties to the White House would attack al-Maliki at such a pivotal time on the debate over the war, just weeks before Bush provides a progress report to the nation.

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  • Greg:
    I so agree. The idea of the GOP doing this is not only stupid but amazing. With all the stupid ideas, moves and statements by the GOP they are getting to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Greg

    There’s more to this story, and this will blow up big. Watch for it.

  • ProudP:
    The only motive behind the war has always been oil. All the other excuses were just smoke to fool the great majority of Americans and it worked.

    I think the purpose of getting Allawi back in is for the oil. Maliki and the current parlaement are not going to over 90% of their oil to foreign interest but Allawi will.

    Regarding what we can do; the blogs bring awareness to readers. The MSM covers nothing of value or it’s behind by weeks, bloggers find the information faster and from so many source. As you know there are more people who read the blogs than comment. Maybe we should encourage the readers to share their voice and help the bloggers to make changes. The more chatter the more attention.


    Juan Cole is writing about the planned military coup in Iraq.

    I am ill – sickened to my core. I posted about this yesterday and someone told me that this was on CNN as well ..America look at ourselves. Look at the evil and greed that we eminate – i am not liking my country these days at all.
    worse still i am feeling impotent to stop this. How do we dismantle this machine..take the country in a direction ,it never has ever been – a truly peaeful nation , that cares about its people and the world ? I know I know it starts in our own hearts.
    In the distraction of dem vs rep the eagerness to get the Bush crime was lost in the sauce that Plame was CIA – part of the Presidents private police force as Chalmers Johnson calls them. No good in other countries has ever come from them – and the “contractors” in Iraq…please.

    OIL is not worth Blood. We have the means to drop OIL dependence like a stone , we have for a decades..the corporatists however forbid it – GREED pure evil greed. Excuse i must go and breath and try to figure out what more i can do than freakin write about all of this – writing.

    It occurred to me (once again) that the blogs we have a “steam valve” of sorts. How many of us, read , write about these things…yet what do we do to actually stop them..What CAN we do ? There is a general strike on 9/11. How many will participate, and how many will be again systematically ignored or worse arrested, spyed on. Orwell Orwell you were a prophet.

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