Sen. Warner: Start bringing troops home by Christmas

You know Bush has to be spitting fire over this one. Weeks before the Iraq report is due, Sen. Warner tells the press about his meeting with Bush and wants Bush to announce a troop withdrawal. Let’s see if Bush makes the announcement.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — One of the Senate’s top Republicans has called on President Bush to start bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq by Christmas, telling reporters Thursday that a pullout was needed to spur Iraqi leaders to action.

Sen. John Warner of Virginia, the influential former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he has recommended that Bush announce the beginning of a U.S. withdrawal in mid-September, after a report is released from the top U.S. officials in Iraq.

“In my humble judgment, that would get everyone’s attention the attention that is not being paid at this time,” said Warner.

Warner met at the White House on Thursday with Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, the White House official responsible for coordinating Iraq issues.

Warner said the president and other leading Bush administration officials have repeatedly said the American commitment to Iraq was not open-ended.

“The time has come to put some meaningful teeth into those comments — to back them up with some clear, decisive action,” Warner added.

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  • ProudP:
    Warner’s sudden change is suspicious to me. I know he just came back from Iraq with Sen. Levin but you can’t tell me that this one trip changed his mind to go public. However, I am happy for whatever support bring the troops home gets. Warner is on public record with this and I am sure he will be held to it, good or bad.

    Your not a downer. It’s amazing to me how many of us are still sane after the living through 6+ year of Bush. You have a great day.

  • Warner yeah i trust him as far as i can throw him. Another shiney object. Where have these people been for the last 6 yrs?

    I want my peace candidate. Kucinich dammit. There is a plan in the works to utilize the CIA more extensively in a military coup. hmmm bring the troops home, puppet installed, which will happen with our without troops..OIL stolen – mission accomplished. Makes me want to hurl. My appitite is gone. My spirit is sagging. My sense of security and privacy is gone in that there is whole sale spying on all internet communications. This country has morphed into something blantantly evil. The seeds of our violent history are in full bloom.

    oh and have a nice day….lol – sorry to be such a downer. This administration and the 2 yr long campaign is giving me a case of manic freekin depression. Can that be environmentally induced ? I jest of course but dammit. I try to muster hope, then something else comes out. Like Mr Batshit crazy and dumb as a post – giving his VFW speech. What planet are these people on ?

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  • Robert:
    Thank you very much for featuring my blog. I will stop by.

  • I thought I would stop by and let you know that your blog was one of the featured spots on the very first BWR at my new place. Drop by any time!

  • Mirth:
    If we are still there after 2009 the entire Middle East will be on us. By then we would have screwed everything up worse than it is now.

  • Plus, if we take Hillary and Obama at their word, that troops will stay if they are elected, we won’t see an end to this nightmare for 4-8 more years after Bush.
    Far worse, the Iraqis won’t see an end to it either.

  • I have no faith that Warner’s request fell on reasonable open ears.

    I have been of the belief for months that the troops will stay there so Bush can move them to the Iranian boarder when Cheney starts his war.

  • They’re thinking about building up more troops int he fall, and if that happens, I don’t think they’ll be home by Christmas.

  • Mirth:
    That should tell us Bush won’t announce Warner’s recommendation.

  • This meeting must be what prompted Bush’s latest “No troops home while I’m preznit.”

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