Nancy Pelosi Should Be On The Impeachment Table

It only seems fitting that since Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not put impeachment on the table; we Americans should consider putting impeachment of Nancy Pelosi on the table. Pelosi has not lived up to Constitutional oath or duties and she continues to enable the treasonous behavior of the Bush administration. We could just ask her to step down, but I don’t think she would go for it. Pelosi seems to have that “I’m the decider” attitude.

We voted democrats in to take a stand on Iraq and get us out, for impeachment at least Cheney. Pelosi has continued to ignore why we sent all those democrats to Congress in January. Because of Pelosi’s poor job performance, the rubber stamping of Bush’s failed policies and the low ratings of Congress, the Democrats could be in jeopardy in 2008.

In a July post Speaker Peolsi, A Waste Of Time, I pointed out how Pelosi made her mind up to not impeach Bush and Cheney in October 2006. It appears that she misled Americans, sound familiar.

Even if the votes are not there to impeachment Bush or Cheney, Pelosi should follow through with what was asked of the democrats, at least for the record. It should come as no surprise to Pelosi that in a recent Gallup Poll the approval rating of Congress is 18% that’s below Bush. Are they trying to get below Cheney because Congress is getting close?

I get the feeling Pelosi thinks she has job security. Either Pelosi starts paying attention to the public or the public removes Pelosi from Speaker of the House.


5 comments to Nancy Pelosi Should Be On The Impeachment Table

  • ClapSo:
    Sheehan needs to take over Pelosi’s seat that would send a very strong message to all the lazy SOB’s in congress. They forget that they work for us.

  • The lady who does lunch instead of impeachment has a strong candidate running against her, Cindy Sheehan! I hope the voters go to the polls and vote Cindy in and pelosi OUT!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  • The way to get their attention is to go after their lacking leader Pelosi.

  • What a crushing disappointment Pelosi has been.
    She deserves neither her job as Speaker or as representative.
    Cali…vote her out!

  • Isn’t Pelosi hiding out in Paris right now? Shopping and taking in the splendid sights. You can cram a lot in when you’ve got a month to kick back on taxpayer-paid time.

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