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The Christian March Against America

After the events yesterday in the Senate, with the disgraceful and shameful behavior of Christians shouting at Rajan Zed, I have decided to fight back. For years I have sat back and complained to friend and family about the rude, obnoxious and hateful behavior of Christians in this country. Well, I’ve had enough.

These so called Christians who espouse love, tolerance, charity and family values are far from their chamber of commerce advertisements. With their rise in the 1980’s with Jerry Falwell (god rest his miserable soul) and Pat Robertson, we sat back and allowed them to express themselves, because after all it is their first amendment right. However, they took that privilege and became an intolerant, hateful and out of control beast.

I remember in my twenties my mother brow beating me (yes even now in my late 40’s she just can give me that famous stare and I shut up), for being vocal towards the bible thumping crowd. They have their right to speak, protest and be recognized she would tell me; and I listened to her. As the years went on I watched as these good Christians, these soldiers of God torch abortion clinics, killed doctors and threatened anyone who didn’t follow their twisted beliefs.

As time went on, I saw them demand prayer in school. The 10 Commandments put on display in state building, like it was zoo exhibit. I watched as they spewed their hate towards people with HIV/Aids, towards gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender. I watched as they raised their children to be filled with the same level of intolerance and hate towards anyone that didn’t fit into their Christian box. And, I watched yesterday as a man of the cloth stood on the Senate floor quietly waiting for order to be restored, so he could say his prayer.

We did this. Yes we; me, you and every American in this country. We sat back and let Christians take over our schools, our government, and our public buildings and even kill people. Why did we let this happen; because we believed in one very basic American principle, freedom of speech, freedom of expression? However, they seem to have violated this privilege. So like children, these Christians need to be grounded.

Their respect or lack thereof for anyone who is not a Christian is far from the teachings of Jesus. Actually you have to wonder what they are being taught at all those bible camps and study groups. Their understanding of science, history, and the world around them is skewed by their warped idea of God. Their God.

For all their bible thumping and invoking the name of God every time they open their mouths, what have they contributed to America? Do they adopt the children that they “saved” from abortion clinics? Maybe some have but if it was their practice it would be in the news. They love publicity.

They tried the family values, monogamy thing but that didn’t work since they keep getting busted for adultery, pornography and prostitution. They tried to elect a decent and honest Christian president but that hasn’t work to well. They have not taught us anything of value, especially anything to do with morality. They haven’t added anything positive to the fabric of this country. What they have added is hate, intolerance, contempt and divisiveness.

It’s time that we stand up for the principles that make us all Americans. It is not acceptable that one religion to gain control over the entire country. It is not acceptable that the government involves itself with any religion. It is not acceptable that Christians are allowed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. And it is truly not acceptable that we allow them to continue.

15 comments to The Christian March Against America

  • I hate homosexuality. That’s not a sin. I seek no external coercion against homosexuals, only that they turn within to the truth that is that homosexuality is not an immutable condition and neither is it harmless but rather selfish. Opit (commentator immediately above) knows this full well but rather lumps me in with Nazis. John Farnham (Opit) hates too. He is mongering hate. He is selling the hate of that for which I stand, which is real Christianity, not the garbage spewed by Pat Robertson and his phony, mammon-prosperity preaching, warmongering ilk.

    Nevertheless, God bless John.

  • Stan
    You do that. I’ve been watching in amazement as Tom Usher trumps ‘The Christian Commons’ ‘Real Liberal Christian Church’…and promotes hatemongering of homosexuals.
    There is one rule worldwide that denotes sociallly acceptable behaviour : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    As Rabbi Hillel says – everything else is commentary.
    I rather wish I had a copy of some of the sermons I hear at church. There are no illusions about Empire, Hypocrisy, False Witness and more. Nor any condoning of hatemongering by the Xian Satanists flying the colours of Christianity in a copy of a prior example- in Nazi Germany.
    Islamophobia is another advertising campaign designed to promote hate. This isn’t part of it

  • Stan

    I am sorry you, must have been really hurt at some point in time by someone you loved, or trusted!
    I will pray for you for healing both spiritual and physical.

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  • […] another new blog to the TPA in 2007, submits their best of 2007: nytexan pens an op-ed on The Christian March Against America; BossKitty has a poignant OpEd: All Answers Are Selfish And Shallow; and nytexan discusses how […]

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  • jay

    i also agree and think that the show no sign of intelligence.

  • Jay:
    Thank for your comment. It’s sad that people who proclaim faith abuse humanity and dignity.

  • So many of them, though not all of course, are just grouchy and sullen. I might make a blog post just asking them to cheer up. Maybe if they would cheer up they would be less harsh.

  • Clapso:

    I hope your right. I wish people would be more vocal against them. Good for you for not taking any crap from them. They don’t deserve the respect that we were all taught to give each other.

  • I would suggest that I have been seeing a real turn against these right wing jesus wackos for quite some time. Fewer people are willing to put up with their bullshit then has been the case in past.

    This disgusting display on the floor of the house is a symptom of these religious nutcase’s DESPERATION to be heard. Most people are simply ignoring them. Now they have to stamp their feet and throw tantrums to get any attention at all. The useless bastards are on their way out…

    I have never taken any shit from them, and I never will.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  • D-day:
    Thank you. I actually thought about putting in the Islamic comparison but I didn’t know if I wanted a troll patrol. I would be fine with bombs for Jesus,then their would be less of them.

    LOL…Franklin. That’s the point, they know nothing about the world around them and how ignorant they sound when they try to participate.

  • I spent a couple of exchanges with a Jesusistani putting the “Christian nation” lie to bed. The dumbf*ck actually tried to use FRANKLIN to make his point. How on Earth could anybody know a damn thing about Franklin and believe he was a Christian?

  • Now THIS is a slam dunk rant! Since I was a teenager in the early 80s, I have considered the religious wrong to be the biggest threat to not just this country but the world. They are so close to being just like their theological enemies (Islamic fundies) that it is scary. Give them 20 years and they may be suicide bombing for Jesus. Wouldn’t put it past them anyway.

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