Mexico Gets Texas Land Through Border Fence

Everyday I wake up and think, what will our government managed to screw up today. Well low and behold they can’t even figure out the U.S. Mexico border. I suppose I shouldn’t be shock at the level of incompetence and never thinking anything through. Why that’s just part of our incompetent president and his incompetent policies.

  • McALLEN, Tex., June 15 — Antonio N. Zavaleta, a vice president and professor of anthropology at the University of Texas branch in Brownsville, saw a slight problem in the route of a border fence that federal officials displayed at a community meeting earlier this month.
  • “Part of our university,” Dr. Zavaleta said, “would be on the Mexican side of the fence.”
  • What about traffic between classes, he wondered. “Would the students need to show a passport?”

Yes our government is priceless, incompetent, clueless and band-aid fix ridden.

  • But maps like the one shown in Brownsville on June 4 by Chief David Aguilar of the Border Patrol put the route along a levee built inland to hold back flooding on the Rio Grande. That location, some here say, would in effect cede to Mexico the land on the other side of the fence up to the official international border, the middle of the Rio Grande.
  • ut-border.jpg

I’m sure Mexico is happy, since they’ve wanted to get Texas back for years.

  • In Brownsville, Dr. Zavaleta said, that path would cut off not only the International Technology, Education and Commerce campus of the University of Texas and Texas Southmost College, which is in a former shopping center about a mile from the main campus, but also its golf course and a national historic site, Fort Brown, where an upright cannon marks an opening skirmish of the Mexican War.
  • Even the heavily trafficked bridge between Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico, would be on the Mexican side of the fence, Dr. Zavaleta said.

Wow, Mexico not only gets Texas land, and a full blown university, but they also get a national historical site and an American bridge. What a wind fall.

  • In Brownsville, the district clerk, Aurora De La Garza, and a county commissioner, Sofia Benavides — who emerged from a hurricane-planning visit to the Mexican consulate at the university campus that would be isolated — derided officials in Washington as not understanding family ties across the border.
  • “This is a relationship that cannot be broken by a fence,” Ms. Benavides said.
  • Representative Henry Cuellar, the South Texas Democrat who has been organizing local forums to air grievances, said the Homeland Security Department had become more responsive.

Families mean nothing to this administration. Homeland Security is just another word for failure. Way to go Chertoff.

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  • Just me

    I am not in disagreement about the fence, but…did they have to get so much land to build it, like Dr. Zavaleta says, after this, “Mexico willbe getting such a great part of Texas, land, a university and historical marks” I agree with patriotic american, illegal immigration needs to be stopped and not onlly for the US but because of the great harm that Mexicans make to themselves when they come as illegals, like so many children, 13, 14 yr. olds that come to the US alone and go through so much abuse along the way, if they don’t stop then a wall might stop them! Go ahead, make a giant fence, but don’t take away so much land!

  • Patriotic American

    Get over it you buch of crybabys!! This fence must and will be built.

    The greater good of the American people, the whole country, outweighs the selfish intentions of a few along the border who could care less about protecting our great country.

    Get real people… we need this fence, and we don’t need a bunch of illegal immigrants. LEGAL immigrants, fine. ILLEGAL immigrants, well, they are illegal. Enough said.

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  • jlawrence:
    I had no idea about that.Thanks for the link.

  • jlawrence

    I just stumbled on this blog. You miss the most ironic thing about the border wall on the Rio Grande – if the US does not officially cede the land between the river and the wall (about two miles) to Mexico, anyone born on that land becomes an American citizen.

    It has happened before:

  • SNicol:
    Thanks for the link. I am a huge supporter for NO walls in Texas.

    I have written several post on the topic and I’m furious that Cornyn didn’t even consider the damage the wall would do when he voted for it.

  • The border wall will do tremendous damage to our communities and our environment, which is why just about everyone who lives along the route mandated by the Secure Fence Act is opposed to it. Thanks to the Real ID Act wall construction is exempt from all laws, and Chertoff has already written waivers for stretches of California and Arizona so that pesky laws like the Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act will not get in the way of America’s own Berlin Wall. For more information on the wall and the fight against it go to , then contact your Senators and tell them that the Secure Fence Act must be repealed before more damage is done. The law is already on the books, so it will take federal action to repeal it.

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  • The only current candidates with the nerve to say tear down the wall are Kucinich and Ron Paul.

    It is beyond stupidity.

    I truly hope that people turn out for the anti fence/wall rally on 7/14/07

  • Who will be the future president to finally say Tear Down This Wall?
    The stupidity and the insanity of building this fence is a terrible blight on the reputation of the United States. Another one.

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