Bush’s Private Armies Suffering Breakdowns

Contractors Face Combat-Related Stress After Iraq

WASHINGTON, July 4 — Contractors who have worked in Iraq are returning home with the same kinds of combat-related mental health problems that afflict United States military personnel, according to contractors, industry officials and mental health experts.

But, they say, the private workers are largely left on their own to find care, and their problems often go ignored or are inadequately treated.

A vast second army, one of contractors — up to 126,000 Americans, Iraqis and other foreigners — is working for the United States government in Iraq. Many work side-by-side with soldiers and are exposed to the same dangers, but they mostly must fend for themselves in navigating the civilian health care system when they come back to the United States.

With no widespread screening, many workers are not identified as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or other problems, mental health experts and contractors say. And, they add, the quality of treatment for others can vary widely because of limited civilian expertise in combat-related disorders.

Damn right TERROR is following us home!  The wave of haunted and terrorized casualties returning home number thousands more than official US military figures.  The symptoms of PTSD range from mild to totally PSYCHOTIC and AGGRESSIVE.   Both diagnosed and UN-diagnosed combat related mental illness will be trying to ASSIMILATE back into American society for years to come.  So, Yes, the terror has followed us home!  The American Taxpayer will foot the bill once again, one way or another.

Thanks George, your self-fulfilling prophecy comes true. 

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  • Very useful post. where can i find more articles no this subject ?

  • Everything Bush touches becomes SHIT! Stay away from his family!

  • Lesson not learned from Viet Nam

  • Oh hell yeah. We’re gonna pay for this, in spades. Just wait for the results in things like domestic violence, murder, rape….. the rates are ticking up already. And Iraq War participants will make up a big part of the increases.

  • Thanks ya’ll, fear controls the masses … but, fear can also control politicians. Our Congress feels fear long before the Executive Branch does. Progressives waking up and making their voices heard with indictments and impeachments will get Executive attention. The law can be a big stick. Let’s use it. As long as they ignore the law they leave crumbs to follow – I won’t rest until they are ALL in jail.

  • Yes, they control the masses with fear!

  • It is true that what we fear, we draw to ourselves. We will now collectively deal with these problems, with a disproportionate burden on the families.

    We’ve just got to conquer the fear and fear-mongering, and this thing ends.

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