Religion: The Original WMD

Bicker, spit, spat, holler, hit, club, shoot, bomb, destroy!  Your religion, my religion, their religion, so what?  What I believe makes me happy and I hope yours makes you happy.  But, not a single second of my thoughts is devoted to belittling or contradicting what you believe.  I don’t care what you believe unless you try to push me over and crush me with what you believe or badger me into accepting what you believe.  Do not threaten me!  How are people supposed to respond when they are threatened because of what they believe.

No single religion is innocent of misuse.  Today, the three major religions are misbehaving badly.  Today, Christians, Muslims and Jews feel threatened by each other.  Each has blood on their hands.  Each religion has evolved into monsters intent on destruction in the name of ‘self preservation’.

Religion is no longer a personal believe system!  Religion has become a Weapon of Mass Destruction!   Religion has become an tool for political and corporate motives.  Therefore, religion has been re-defined away from it’s original intent.  Theocracies are Weapons of Mass Destruction who have corrupted religion to their political advantage!

Do I see God’s tears?

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  • bosskitty

    Thanks Clear, I have ordered the Hitchens book. He seems to be pretty controversial – I like that 😉

  • Um. Well a new book you might be interested in is God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens, who goes far enough to call religion the ultimate evil. I assume you’ve already heard of the Richard Dawkins book, but also check out Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett.

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