Where Did America Come From?

Anyone take time to read the Declaration of Independence lately?  It starts:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it.

Thanks toService Academy Graduates Against the War, for reminding us that it is not always the military chomping at the bit to “kill somebody”.  It is too clear that the corporate dollar squeezes the blood out of the citizens of this planet to increase its bottom line. Those CEO perks are so very expensive, of course someone must pay.

I share a grateful message I sent to SAGAW:

I enjoy reading your enlightened observations into this country’s foundations and recognizing the core principles that created what we call the United States of America. It saddens me that so few take the time to research and understand this document. We take for granted what other countries call privileges, we call “inalienable rights“. I see a decline in what this country is supposed to stand for. Your page resurrects hope that recovery from today’s insanity is possible. We face a long and treacherous road to recovery. Your members represent an educated leadership that has not sold out. I encourage your participation in guiding this country out of a political fog and back into sunlight.

To those who wanted a more definitive explanation where America came from:

America was here before anyone thought to invade it, or name it.

America, the country, came to be from a need and an idea.

Depending on which part of Europe you came from, you needed to be away from Europe to find a better opportunity, work off your debts or just run away from real or perceived oppressions.  Once everyone got here, each colony set up a form of local government according to the company or country that sent (or invested in) them.

After a while, colonies decided they would be better off governing themselves … that was risky because, they were bound by trade contracts with their investor companies and countries.

The need:  a way to survive without being bound to an overlord.

The idea:  how to unite all the colonies, and design a government to accommodate everyone and provide safety too.

Voila!  The colonies organized as best they could and went about challenging their investors for the right to self governance.  There was a Declaration Of Independence.  There was war.  There was diplomacy and negotiation.  The string was cut and the baby country was born.

Then, thinkers got together and constructed a Constitution of LAWS to guide and nurture the growth of a fledgling nation into a mature country.

Preamble to the US Constitution: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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  • Bryan

    Wow, thank you! You have taught me to fish instead of catching me a fish. You get meh? Haha, thanks man! Or woman!

  • Learning history should be taken with some skepticism and an open mind. Always consider the information source and motive for any description of an event. Most history is written with political or dogmatic agendas. Many facts are conveniently left out to make events or actions more palatable. There is never a good side or bad side. History is usually written by the winners, who seek to justify their actions by sanitizing their actions. Start with looking at trends and cause and effect. If you are looking at recent or ancient history, look at trends and causation. Don’t forget, the average human is manipulated by their leaders and often would not condone certain behaviors or actions on their own. History is always driven by survival. Survival is achieved by controlling the natural and human environment. Controlling the human environment is religion and politics.

  • Bryan

    Loved all of the comments, they were pretty entertaining haha. I have a question, though. bosskitty, you seem well informed and educated. I want that. I had depression throughout high school, and long story short I didn’t learn much because I didn’t care about anything. I want to learn history, but I’m unsure how I should go about it. I would love some guidance here!

  • Thanks for finally talking about > Where Did America Come From?
    | BlueBloggin < Loved it!


  • Hey Dude, and James, Thanks for your input. If we all focus on trying to save ourselves, then we will be more successful helping others. The energy it takes to sell a product to someone who is not buying is a distraction and takes away your own energy. You sell religion and philosophy through your own behavior. Be a positive role model instead of a salesman.

  • Joel, my hope is that you will start thinking for yourself. What you have presented is rhetoric from religious marketing. Today’s religions do not want to be accountable for the dis-information they require you to swallow. They want you to be salesmen instead of good human beings. When you sell their product, they promise you a spiritual bonus while they rake in the money. Religion is not supposed to be about money. Religion is personal guidance for those times you need bigger questions answered. If you have developed a strong sense of right and wrong, use it. Question anyone who tries to sway you from your good common senses. Read all the different versions of the Christian Bible, over 30+ have been written, and start drawing your own conclusions.

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    The Dude:)

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  • Why is it so important that everyone have the same beliefs as you do? We are all individuals. If everyone believed the same thing then we would be robots. If you really want to know what I believe, then visit my other blog, TruthHugger. And, read how “Earthlings Have Lost Their Mothership” from March 29, 2012. I also have a whole page dedicated to religions. There are hundreds of religions that pre-date the one that you are advertising. Religion is not a commodity to be marketed like laundry detergent.

  • well maybe you know alot but you do not know anything about Jesus or God

  • no you dont have education bosskitty you dont know nothin

  • You are so funny. Who the hell is Macswimmer? What kind of babel are you reading? What does that have to do with this article?
    You spammers have nothing productive to do with your life? Why bother making noise when you obviously have no education.

  • Well Macsswimmer a human came to be is because of God Jesus but also if you dont believe me then look it up in the bible in Genisis 1:1 it there and if you dont look it up then you better hurry the world is coming to an end and if your not saved your going to hell. thank you

  • Your blog has inspired me to continue with my own, so a big thank you to you 😀 keep up the great work.

  • Macswimmer, I really enjoy answering spam questions. Whatever country you live in, I am truly sorry your mother or father never shared the facts of life with you. But this article is about America and nothing else. If you did not go to school, but learned how to use the internet instead, then you can Google your question (on the same internet you found this article)and get your answer. Thank goodness I am not your parent.

  • Macswimmer

    Why did you not answer ” How humans came too be”?

  • To James, Dude, scriggle and Teddy, I thank you for demonstrating how the American education system has declined over the past several decades. Our education system has fallen into disrepair and cannot get up. The educated world is already taking advantage of this downward trend while America becomes just another theocratic dictatorship. Do not weep at the consequences of your efforts. You will be the heroes of your tribe. Go forth and learn how to reinvent the wheel.

  • How did the counrty of rome start

  • You right bosskitty except for the million years part it was 8 thousand years

  • how did the nation of columbia start?

  • oh sorry for being a jerk bosskitty

  • Well you are right about the constitution but the earth is not a made a million years ago more like seven thousand years ago if the earth was that old then you would be frozen solid because the sun shrinks every day about 40 feet so your wrong about that do the math person and f you dont believe this is all fake then look it up oh you better get saved or you are going down and if you think you get saved by get babtised than your wrong you better get the fake book as you would say and read it over and you better get saved because the revelation is coing very soon and no i am not catholic if i was i would not be going up to heaven so please get saved that is justed a brand new soul Jesus can love have a good day bosskitty 🙂

  • Excuse me James. This post is about America, not the bible. You should have a copy of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution right beside your bible. The Christian bible was edited over 30 times by people who had a different agenda than Jesus. The bible was written over a period of a few thousand years before Jesus was born and hundreds of million years after the earth was formed. The bible is a roadmap for how people should behave.
    The US Constitution has been edited almost 30 times by people who have different agendas than our founding fathers. It is a roadmap for how America’s government should behave.

  • Look up in the Bible bosskitty that God is our lord and Jesus is christ and he is coming and you better repent or your going down oh and also the bible is the history of the world and how it got started and if you dont believe it look it up and see for yourself

  • To Joel, God is everywhere and influences everyone from beginning to end. Our Founding Fathers were influenced by God just as much as today’s people are, they just accomplished something very special and created an inclusive country. Today, however, there are many religions that claim exclusive rights to God and pretend to speak on God’s behalf. Speaking on God’s behalf is a serious responsibility. But in this modern world, with worldwide connections, some people make believe they are more special than other people. Too many claim they know more about God and the original divine plan than they really do. God does not speak to some people and not others, we are all divine creations, we all have a special way to be grateful and live a righteous life. Some people just listen better. If you follow one of the many corporate religions, and you have not graduated from an accredited seminary, then you are just repeating what you have heard from someone else. What makes your understanding special and other’s understanding “stupid”? The world knows what it is taught and what it experiences. That is part of the divine plan.

  • To anonymous, Africa is a continent that was created like other continents. Plate Tectonics makes continents move around the earth. I live on the North American continent. Which one do you live on?

  • You People seriously don’t know it was God and our founding fathers. If God wans’t real than you are very odd well the world does not know any more because of there lack of stupity.

  • Anonymous

    were did africa come from

  • OK Britney, America was here before anyone thought to invade it. America, the country, came to be from a need and an idea. Depending on which part of Europe you came from, you needed to be away from Europe to find a better opportunity, work off your debts or just run away from real or perceived oppressions. Once everyone got here, each colony set up a form of local government according to the company or country that sent them. After a while, colonies decided they would be better off governing themselves … that was risky because, they were bound by trade contracts with their investor companies and countries.
    The need: a way to survive without being bound to an overlord.
    The idea: how to unite all the colonies to design a government to accommodate everyone and provide safety too.
    I will add this and more to the original post to fill in any blanks for you.
    BTW, if you have done your own research and study to add insight, please share with us how smart UR!

  • britney

    u did not answer question how did america come to be.
    u did not answer because ur STUPID!

  • Joshua

    Education is important thanks for enlighten people to know more all of
    because it matter alot to learn some like searching some like too know all

  • Dr.Richards

    The word “america” comes from the latin word “Amurzika” meaning to be free from oneself.

  • Where did the word America come from?

  • It amazes me how many people have never read the Constitution or The Declaration of Independence. I sat in astonishment when the patriot was first signed and people were so matter of fact about giving up their rights.

    It’s unfortunate that many in our society have no concept of how this country works. However, they can recite every insignificant fact about a celebrity. I find the level of knowledge or lack there of astonishing.

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