The Saga Of Alberto Gonzales

Tomorrow is the continuing saga of Gonzogate. Alberto Gonzales will testify on all he pretends not to have known about the U.S. attorney firings. It’s been said in many articles that Mr. Gonzales has been preparing for tomorrows testimony. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but if you tell the truth, what is […]

Guns On The Campaign Trail

It’s sad to me that we are only 72 hours past the shootings at Virginia Tech and we have now put gun control on the 2008 campaign trail. We are truly capitalist. We capitalize personally and politically on someone‚Äôs loss and suffering. The student, faculty and their families are in the zone of […]

Blackberry And Homeland Security

This morning I received a message in my in box that there was a Blackberry failure. As I continued to read the notice I was shocked to see that the failure also affected Homeland Security who depends on the Blackberry network. This really seemed to bother me. Not that I believe […]

Bomb Blast In Baghdad

Today there were 4 bomb blasts in Baghdad killing 160 people and over 100 wounded. The bombs were in the Sadriyah market, around the green zone. Where as you remember McCain (Bush’s mini me), was so comfortable in telling us “it was very safe”.

Bush is so worried about his legacy, and […]