Kyle Sampson Must Have Gonzales Nervous

With Kyle Sampson agreeing to go in front of the Senate Committee and testify under oath, you know that his old boss Alberto Gonzales has to be a bit nervous. You could accept the lie from Gonzales that “with over 1000 employees in the DOJ, I can’t know everything that goes on”. BS! […]

J. Steven Griles Pleads Guilty

Former Deputy Secretary of the Interior J. Steven Griles pleads guilty for obstruction of justice in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Griles admitted that he lied to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee four times and once to panel investigators, regarding his relationship to Abramhoff. Griles has the honor of becoming the highest […]

15 Royal Marines Seized

Is this Bush’s excuse to get into a war with Iran? I hope not. You know Bush will stand by his man Tony. I’m sure Rove and Cheney already have their shock and awe plan for Iran. Bush and his gang can’t be trusted so we’ll have to watch this one very closely.

House Passes War Bill

In a 218-212-vote, the House passes the 124.6 billion spending package would set tough benchmarks for the Iraqi government. Republicans complained that there is pork-barrel spending in the bill which includes $6 billion for hurricane relief and millions in subsides for spinach and peanut farmers. The Republicans fail to acknowledge that it will […]

Mayan Leaders Have The Right Idea About Bush

You have the give the Mayan leaders credit for voicing their opinion about Bush. I found the attached Reuters article “Maya to “cleanse” sacred site after Bush visit” on the right track. I wonder if they can give us some tips or teach us the ceremony so we can cleanse 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Another 109th Congress Failure

Does it really amaze anyone that the FBI took advantage of the Patriot Act? Or that Alberto Gonzales was less that forthcoming with committee member?

You really have to wonder if anyone in the 109th Congress read or at least paid attention to what they were reading before they reauthorized the Patriot […]

The GOP Is Just As Lazy As Ever

Did the GOP not hear all of us last November? It baffles me how the GOP can just continue to go down the same old path of not rocking the boat. As we all know, the last the 108th and 109th Congress were rubber stamp, do nothing, no over site employees of the […]