Texas Democratic Party Asleep At The Wheel

The Texas Democratic Party (TDP) is again asleep at the wheel. Barack Obama is here in Austin today for a rally and the TDP has not one word of it on their web page. For those of you who are not from the hill country, the TDP headquarters and the Obama rally are […]

Another Cornyn Failure

John Cornyn, another Texan we can all be very proud of. The GOP mantra of “support the troops” doesn’t seem to extend to the troops at home. As stated in an article on the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) web page “John Cornyn dropped the ball and failed to help Texas secure adequate funding […]

Bush And The GOP Reality Spin

Bush and the GOP have once again put a spin on reality. Bush stated that Blair pulling out of Iraq is a sign if progress. A lie that I’m sure the right wing is fully supporting. The announcement of a surge hasn’t stopped or slowed the bombings or the death toll of Americans […]

Prince Harry In Iraq

I find it interesting that Prince Harry will be deployed to Basra Iraq and the Royal family isn’t pulling any strings to stop him. How British. Now, I am not for this illegal war by any means, but I can bet you the farm that anyone in Washington would pull every string to […]

Ralph Nader In 2008

He’s back. Ralph Nader is already thinking about screwing up the 2008 election. Nader said that if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination he will enter the race. You know, you really have to wonder how much money the RNC pays Nader. Who’s payroll is he really on?

Nader has managed, in the last […]

Muqtada al-Sadr Left Iraq

Well it’s about time Muqtada al-Sadr left Iraq. But wait he did that several week ago, just ahead of a boarder crackdown with Syrian and Iran. I can just hear Tony Snow and the other White House spin doctors use the surge as having al-Sadr on the run. They are so predictable. The […]

Can Anyone Really Be President????

Are we really as all inclusive as we say we are? While trying to get the cobwebs out of my head this morning, I was listening to the news, and there was an article on Mitt Romney. What caught my attention was “can a Mormon ever be president?” Have we not grown?

How […]

Giuliani and The GOP

The GOP has to be kidding if they wind up nominating Rudy Giuliani. When you think back to September 10, 2001 Giuliani was hated by most New Yorkers and unknown to most of the nation. On September 12th he became the hero. The GOP rank and file loved him, but has their base […]

Why Is Texas Red????

Today, I spent time cruising around the Texas blogosphere and, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why we ended up a red state. I’ve spent so much time reading blogs from the Texas left, that it made my head spin. From places like the Panhandle, East and West Texas, where […]

25 Count Indictment For Reserve Officers and Civilians

Well it’s about time that someone is being held accountable for at least one of the many U.S. screw ups in Iraq. Today (CNN-Washington), U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNutty, announced that “five Army Reserve officers and two civilians were indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday on charges they steered more than […]